As a dog sport handler and trainer, I understand the same situation you are in – all questions, concerns and wondering if my dog really does need this.

But I trusted my gut and jumped. Trusting in the ability to fly and the ability to protect my dog. I have never looked back!

I’m here for you and your dog too – Angela Ahern, CCAS, CMFR

The Biokinetic K-9 – Your Elite K-9 Fitness and Conditioning Expert


    a safe haven

    and having a training “home” and “team” where you can always ask any question about your fitness, sport and conditioning training (in fact, they are welcomed!), no matter how silly you think they are.


    with the internet

    because although you’ve seen all the awesome fitness dogs on the internet, you don’t know how to get there with your dog? Safely?

    Not getting the answers you need?


    you got to know

    exactly how to progress, “move out of the gate” and confidently improved and conditioned your dog without the worry of you being the cause of an injury.

  • DON’T BE

    most people

    Most people don’t know the basics, but they think they know it all.  They are the ones who pay the highest price, or rather, their dogs do. They waste years on reinventing the wheel and get constantly injured.

There is a recipe, a way. A Certain Way

Join our Membership and become one of our Elite BK-9 Tribe Members.

This Is Your Personal Invitation

My wish for The BK-9 Tribe Membership is where people with the appreciation of witnessing powerful movements in our dogs can come together.

A community of sport dog handlers and trainers discovering the awesomeness of a fit and conditioned dog. A place where we can witness and grow each other and our dogs to be the powerful being they were born to be.

So I am inviting you to join me as a member to be involved in this process.  I would love for you to share your ideas and help grow and shape this membership in its early days.

For less than the price of a Dog Sport T-Shirt for you and your dog…

… and for your commitment, I want to give you the very best possible price of $69/month.

This is an exclusive BK-9 Tribe Membership monthly subscription.  You will receive training and coaching on all of the most up-to-date, effective fitness and conditioning strategies specifically designed around canine athletes, straight from a certified canine athlete specialist.

Just like athletes, your dog needs a coach to improve which means YOU need a coach to show you how to improve your dog’s sports performance.  In the BK-9 Tribe, I’ll share with you improved programs, keep you on track, help you do more in less time so you don’t burn out and start enjoying actual RESULTS in your dog’s performance.

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself anymore.

I am here for you.

“None of us are as smart as all of us”

– Ken Blanchard


I was so impressed by her passion to help clients, her knowledge, and her ability to connect with her clients and their dogs. It’s because of her that I now look at dogs with a different eye and have been serious about conditioning my dogs on a daily basis. Angela is extremely caring and attentive to what each dog needs, what their limits are (let’s face it, some dogs don’t like people hanging over them and touching them) and how far she can push the owners to be able to see and work on the issues. She encouraged and motivated each and every person in the seminar and had a fantastic way of engaging everyone. She had a very nice balance of theory and practical training where each dog got assessed and where the entire group got involved in the discussion. She changed my ways of looking at dogs forever and I’m extremely grateful for that! It shows that obviously, you can learn an “old dog” new tricks.

Working with Angela (The Biokinetic K-9) has been a wonderfully rewarding and productive experience for both my dog and I.  Angela is incredibly thorough in acquiring the information (through online interviews, video clips etc) required to customize a fitness program suitable to your dog’s needs.  She is wonderfully astute in identifying exactly what my dog, Zodiac, needed in terms of strength building and flexibility. Her programs are designed to work for the handler in terms of time frame, handler ability and what you have at your disposal in terms of equipment.

The online program itself is broken down to help you and your dog achieve optimum success with short video clips of each exercise. Angela is also available to help you with advice, encouragement and feedback. Her passion for what she does is undeniable, and we are so blessed to have access to this resource in South Africa. I can highly recommend this programme wherever you are on your life’s journey with your dog, from the proverbial pet (soon to be ex-couch potato) to the IGP machine – your dog will thank you!

Learned so much more than I expected- and it was incredible.

The Webinar sound, video and slide show was fantastic and the practical relevance was phenomenal.  Angela’s knowledge, ability and quality as a speaker is mind-blowing.

I want so much more of these, pawlease!

It is very obvious Angela knows what she is talking about. She is very interesting and informative. I like how she uses analogies to human bodies. It is easier to understand when relating it to dogs. It was interesting to see and understand why not all conditioning exercises apply to all dogs. She showed an understanding in your dog while explaining the correct exercises.

Angela covers everything from where, when, what, why and how about fitness exercises. Very informative and fun and everything is correlated to practical application. She is super knowledgable and able to accurately and in detail answer questions with good explanation.

I learned a lot from Angela and about my German Shepherd. I really enjoyed her course and the exercises will help me teach my dog, build his strength and he will be much better off.


It doesn’t matter where you are in agility; from beginner to world competitor, every dog can be improved by working on your dog’s physical abilities, their strength, their flexibility, their understanding, their drive.

You need to improve your dog’s speed? You need to improve your understanding.

Susan Garrett

It is so awesome that you are looking out for your dog’s health! No problem! We can help you with that. We discuss how programs are customised for pets that are a little overweight too and then to get your dog on the road.

This membership is not designed for dogs with injuries, but rather how to safely reduce the risk of injury of your dog through proper and balanced fitness and conditioning protocols.

The membership lasts for as long as you want it to.  You can leave at any time.  There are no contracts.  You stay for as long as you are receiving value and enjoying the community.

The goal as a member is to develop your membership into one that you love and grow in!!

YES!! As a member, this will be your price for as long as you remain a member.  It will never increase!

This price is available for a limited time only and then it will increase. Once the price increases, the current price will no longer be made available.

I want to give you an understanding and knowledge of what is happening with your dog’s body and how you can help improve their performance! It’s not about just giving you a bunch of exercises (you can find this anywhere on the internet)

It is more important for you to understand why you are doing and exercises, what to look at in performing an exercise and how and why it impacts your dog and your sport.

I have interviews lined up with experts in various dog sports of agility, IGP, PSA, etc.  There are interviews about nutrition for sporting dogs and interview about supplements for sporting dogs.

There is a bi-weekly live session on various fitness and conditioning information, Q & As, videos and everything and anything you bring to the table!

As a member, you get to add to this with what you really want!

This is not for someone who only sits on the sideline.

I want you to ENGAGE!  Dive in! Interact, ask questions (even silly ones – I am an expert at this!) Share videos of your dogs, ask questions about your dogs and even about you! Your community is for you!  You are a YES! This will be the safe training ground for those that want to learn, implement and understand.

The more you engage, the more value you will receive.

The membership is jam-packed with information!!

Is not designed a simple quick fix to your fitness issues. Rather it is here for self-study, growing and gaining knowledge that you may take with you for the rest of your life and may apply to every dog you own.